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Doug Crowe

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Revealed - Little-known insider secrets, proven to consistently generate leads, and get new clients... regardless of your product, service, or industry, by using LinkedIn!

This Advanced LinkedIn MasterClass free training is for:



Business owners or marketing professionals who want to

increase their presence and grow sales


Coaches or consultants who want to sell high-value services

and increase revenues


Service providers or sales professionals who sell or promote

high-value B2B products or services


Startups that need B2B leads and clients

What you will learn:



A proven step-by-step path for effectively generating quality

leads from LinkedIn (see the diagram below)


Discover how to find and connect with ideal prospective clients

and company decision-makers


How to establish yourself as the go-to person, or position your

business as the best choice your industry or market


How to build relationships and trust, with prospective clients

until they become ready to do business with you

"When you dive into the content, you’ll be impressed at the amount of depth"

Leveraging LinkedIn

David Boufford

Business Strategist, Certified Mental Performance Coach

"This is so helpful, so impactful. This really takes you to the next layers, the next layers deep and down that will really help you"

Leveraging LinkedIn

Cheryl Cigan

Owner at Known

"The quality of the content, the depth of information and the way he presents it, is so good"

Leveraging LinkedIn

Samuel Ng

Digital Marketing Strategist:

End-To-End Digital Marketing

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